Mission Statement

Gather... to glorify God

Grow... in faith and love

Go... into our community and world serving God as followers of Christ

Milwaukie Christian Church is a group of people who love God and want to follow him. We are called to be in relationship with God, to worship him, to be obedient to his teachings. MCC is a community of disciples of Christ bound together by grace, fellowship and love. We gather for the purpose of worship, edification and evangelism.

Defining Our Faith


Creator of the world. A living God who has worked in history and who is still active in the affairs of mankind.


The Christ, the Son of the living God, Savior of all who accept Him as Lord.


The agent of God and His Son who convicts men of their sin and who is the power to enable Christians to live for God.


The Word of God — the only basis for Christian faith and practice.


The body of Christ to carry out His work in the world. The fellowship surrounds each member as we share in expressing gratitude to God through our worship and our service.


A follower of Jesus Christ who can go directly to God though prayer, who can understand the Word of God and apply it to daily living, and who recognizes his/her responsibility to God to be a good steward of all that he has in his world.


God loves each person and wants every one to be His child. Man often rejects this love. Through Christ our sins can be forgiven, and we can have hope and purpose in our living.

Details of Belief

Freedom of thought in matters of opinion where the scriptures have not spoken

Recognition of the principle of the autonomy of the local congregation

Cooperation with other Christians in the great task of world evangelism

Scriptural baptism by immersion in water, the New Testament picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the convert

Observance of the Lord’s Supper or Communion every Sunday for all Christians who desire to participate

Every Christian is considered a minister of Christ. Each Christian is gifted and each has a particular ministry to share in the work of Christ’s Church

Expression of care and concern for the needs of the community by providing resources of people and money through the congregation, and in cooperation with other helping agencies

The church, its work and ministry, is supported through the tithes and offerings continually given out of love and gratitude in response to God’s gifts